From the recording A Monument to Madness

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Impromptu for Missing String

I’ve got the name you can’t pronounce
You keep stuffing it away in a blurred background
You say you’re doing that for safety reasons
Well, I’m too proud of a loser to leave without a sound

You say that all we really have is pain
Did I just see a flash of emotion in your eyes?
And all the music that we drifted off upon
Is ours too
Now what you wanna do with the very last of lies?

So many words are left unspoken
For the sake of someone else’s peace, mm
But how can I be whole if you leave me broken
And deny the shattered half of me

Oh, this may take ages
Instead of snatching the answer by the tail you chase it around
You say you want to pass through all the mandatory stages
But you’re just building this house of cards so you can drag it down

You’re calling me a fool who plays the missing string
Well, you know, to play that string
It took years and years of practicing

What makes you think that you’re the winner of this game
If you still haven’t learned to say my name?