From the recording A Monument to Madness

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Desert Souvenir

Out on the barren plain the lizards at her feet
Dash for a strip of shade, but she defies the heat
For there by the boulder rocks as red as grenadine
She has built a little shrine from the ashes of a dream

To worship her man-god, the thorn to humanity
The Messiah of boundless insanity
So he can brand her, brand her,
And command her to the bone

She hauls the ancient granite stele embossed with sacred rules
She doesn’t even feel the weight, it’s like a pannier on a mule.
You see, out on the windy plain you learn so slowly
Yet you erode so fast just to be old and lonely

All for your man-god, the heart of the universe
He turns you inside out, like the vilest of predators
So he can brand you, brand you,
And offend you to the bone

Now you can’t leave the dusty plain without a desert souvenir
You’ll keep it in your jewelry box, together with the stolen years
To remember the boulder rocks where you burned so slowly
Still you believed you’d last to be the one and only

So here’s to the man-god, to nourish his vanity
The messiah of boundless insanity
I let him brand me, brand me….