From the recording A Monument to Madness

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Cherry Earrings

I hear him say, “Yeah! I think I’m ready for you
I think I’m ready to harvest
I think I want to believe and suffer in love.”

Through little windows of pain
I see the cherry tree swaying
Its branches full of abrasions

And I hear her say, “Yeah!
This is all we need
This is what we feed on
Let us sate our hunger and eat.”

And down the tract of desire
Cherries travel in spirals
A tragic scene from the Bible

And God says, “Good!
I think they’re ready to chart the heavens
But they’ll never find a trace of the truth
Groping in the darkness of pleasure, wailing in the nude.”

He shakes the branches once more
The cherries caught in her basket
Glow like droplets of blood

And I think, “God!
This is all they need
Eat the flesh and spit out the seed
For cherry seeds could sprout and blossom
Dangerously sweet.”

The promise of love bypasses itself her, you see
How to two of them indulge in the blood-red tears of a tree
The cornucopia that’s being replenished at every sigh
It thrills the palate, but leaves the heart empty and dry

Cherries dangle in pairs
In the vaults of her blond hair
She turns her face to his kiss

And I think “This!
This is all they need
Crush the flesh and toss the seed
For cherry seeds will sprout and blossom
Dangerously sweet.”

Here is why we burn
And this is what I learned
From the very cherry earrings she is wearing
Maybe we just yearn
For our hunger to return, always.