1. Big Brown Bag

From the recording A Monument to Madness

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Big Brown Bag

The rooms are all empty, the moving van is here
All that is left is a box full of cheap souvenirs from my traveling Years, Maggie
Whatever you fancy, just put it in this bag
Pick anything that you like from the masks and the rags and the broken glass

So you fancy that lioness, forever in heat
Jumping out of a cocktail dress straight through the burning hoop of Make-believe
To be alone in the wilderness, stumbling over trees
You’ll be tottering on heels so high you think you can touch the sky
Is that who you want to be?

Then stick her in the big brown bag, Mag

Baggage is burden, I’d rather travel light
To make a new beginning I want to make sure that the
Ending ’s strong and tight, Maggy
You know my story, I trust it to your care
But you can be straight up with me if you’d rather give it all in bulk To charity

So you like that sugar bride, crumbling in your hand?
I should have flung it in the wayward wind, while I had the chance
It’s just a handful of sand
What you wanna do with that? Get some sand in your eyes?
You know, one little grain of sand can make the whole world cry

It’s your call, Mag, I won’t say I told you so
The day you fall flat on your face, Mag,
That will be the day you can’t erase from your memory

Okay, I see. You set your mind on the sugar bride...

Well, stick her in the big brown bag, Mag

I’ve got some old novels, some stories you may dig
Kerouac and stuff like that, I think you may get something out of it
Go ahead, and grab my college books and here’s my old guitar,
And some numbers of friends you may wanna give a call,
You never know, you might find your lucky star.

What? Really?
You’d rather have my succulents, my prickly regrets?
They don’t need any care, I swear, you can leave them there
and keep them out of your hair
For they will still be green and fresh after you’ve traveled for years
They survive on just your breath, or the mere memory a single tear

But if you want them, go ahead. Here.

Stick ‘m in the big brown bag, Mag

Take it all, Mag, take that lioness, take that sugar bridetake the books and rags, I can get you another bag if you want, Mag
take the journals and the letters too
and don’t forget to take my succulents