1. Simply Divine

From the recording So Cool

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Simply Divine
(E.J. Geel)

She's not like me
She's different
She's got long black lashes
Over deep blue eyes

She's the bell in the hotel hall
She's the song in the shopping mall
She's pretty, she's smart
She's the no-nuisance kind
Now I see why all the guys go blind
'Cause she's simply divine

She's not like me, she's harmony
Every move she makes has a place
In space
When she whispers one single word
No other sound in the room is heard
And no one dares to rise
They all stare, struck by surprise
'cause she's simply divine


She's not like me
She's different
She wouldn't waste her energy
On jealousy
She amuses him
She thinks I don't know
That she abuses him
Should I tell her so?
Oh, I hope I will keep my big mouth shut
And not call out,
"You spoiled, little, man-devouring slut!"
'Cause she's simply
Yes, she's simply
Oh, she's simply divine