1. Rush

From the recording Preface to a Dream

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Every time I close my eyes
I see you, I feel you, I know you and I
were driven out of paradise
and driven into separate lives

But we’ve got a place
in time and space
the only thing we have to do
is push on through

Oh, rush now, slide
ride that storm
come on and get me now, cowboy
Rush now, slide
ride that storm
come on and get me, cowboy

Won’t you let me
be the lost and wandering soul
loose from the herd, out of the light
baby, I can’t bear the cold
it chills me, it may kill me tonight

I know our love
will shift the stars above
I can hardly wait for you to be
up there with me


When you halt for a drink
Beneath the neon lights
with the other lonesome travelers
In the heart of the night

Keep this thought in mind
So you won’t fall asleep at the wheel
Think of what you’ll have once you get here
Think of what you’ll feel