1. Picky Me

From the recording Preface to a Dream

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Picky Me
(E.J. Geel)

Well, you may think you do
But you don't know who I am
I had my heart broken, but I broke the Heart of
At least one man

Now there you stand
With that strange light in your eyes
So irresistible you make me want to

But I can't make the same mistake
I made a thousand times before
Maybe we should take some time to think
So we'll both be sure

For it's gonna take a lot of love
Yes, it's gonna take a tough boy
To meet my needs

And it's gonna take a lot of heart
It's gonna take a lot of hard work
to meet my needs

But if you want love
Good old strong love
The higher love, through the fire love
Then try to love picky me

I just came stumbling out of
A troubled past
My faith got shaken
I guess I ran to fast

You'd have to break down
A cold wall of pride
To reach my fragile heart
Do you think it's worth the try, oh

No man is good enough for me, you see
Yet I feel lost without a man
Oh, I want you desperately
But try to understand

That it's gonna take a lot of love...