Netherlands-born Elisabeth Geel is a singer-songwriter with a personal guitar style and warm mezzo soprano vocals. Her genre defies easy categorization, but she credits Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro as major influences. Throughout her life she has been inspired by artists from a wide range of genres, i.e. Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Steely Dan, Sarah Vaughan, Kate Bush, etc., and she evolved by distilling these influences into her own unique writing style. 

Elisabeth Geel is also an illustrator/visual artist and educator.

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Conegliano Jazz & Blues 2016 

     I am so thrilled that the Italian festival "Conegliano Jazz & Blues" used my 2008 painting "E.S.T Esbjörn Svensson Trio" for their campaign to commemorate one of the greatest and innovative jazz pianists that have ever lived. Esbjörn Svensson died in a scuba diving accident in 2008 at the age of 44. The best tribute I felt I could give him was to paint his portrait. While I painted I played  the album E.S.T. Tuesday Wonderland over and over until I captured the essence of the music and translated it into an image. I purposely adopted the style of Outsider Artists, to let my mere instinct do the painting and do as little reasoning as possible. The result is an eery underwater concert scene, showing Esbjörn among mourning fans and fellow musicians. He is too engrossed in his performance to pay attention to them; the waves of the music have carried him away...

    My dear friends Silvana and Massimo De Nardo, owners of the Fasol Menin Winery in Valdobbiadene (Italy), major live jazz advocates and 
producers of the finest Prosecco, acquired the painting from me shortly after I conceived it, and they suggested the use of it to the Conegliano Jazz & Blues Festival. Grazie Max and Silvana! 
The New Album!
Coming soon...

Lookin' in from the Outside

by Elisabeth Geel

My new album of originals will be officially released in the fall of 2016! In the meantime, enjoy the sample...

The band:

Elisabeth Geel on vocals, guitar, Mattia Martorano on violin, Bruno Cesselli on piano, and Alessandro Turchet on upright bass.

Recorded at Imputlevel Studio, Treviso, Italy.

  1. 1 The Coldest Day of April 05:35 Lyrics

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